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Frivolous and proud

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This little boutique situated in the basement of Ogilvy's may not have a name, but it does have designer labels and a healthy dose of personality to attract young women searching for new trends.

The chic, candy dish-inspired decor of this mini concept store that sells clothes and accessories for pooches (wee ones only) and their owners was created by Ruscio Studio.

Channeling a very girly spirit that would do Paris Hilton proud, designers Robert Ruscio and Antony Barbusci did not hold back on their use of pink, embellishing it with decadent touches of chocolate. Some kitsch pieces and some recycled ones rescued from the backrooms of the department store have found a second life here. They include giant moldings in the guise of pedestals, gold-painted frames and candy-pink poodle heads.

On the more serious side, the made-to-measure clothes racks consist of a simple tube framed by transparent acrylic panels. They allow for a rational and controlled hanging system; each one voluntarily contains only a few items.

This tiny boutique is a small jewel box that sets itself apart by totally embracing its frivolity, but also by offering the luxury (huge fitting rooms) that its clientele is seeking.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards