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One studio, two designers

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Lighting designers François Legault and Thierry Vigneault don't only share a passion for lighting, they also share a workspace; one where their friends and anyone who's curious are invited to see their designs, which have all been created with recycled materials.

François Legault sets the tone with a series of lamps created from spoons, forks and coffee cups. These montages morph into lampshades of diverse shapes, including boxes, cascades and majestic chandeliers.

As for Thierry Vignault, under the name Assemblages Halo, he creates a wide array of lamps that all have one thing in common: a repurposed element, making them reproducible in very small quantities. He has just launched a project that consists of designing and fabricating light fixtures from raw materials culled from a construction site. This recycling/transformation of metal, windows, wood, architectural relics and antiques is a great way to rack up some coveted LEED points.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards