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The CinéRobothèque sees the light

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The Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles in collaboration with the National Film Board have just inaugurated the lighting plan of the façade of the NFB CinéRobothèque.

This installation by lighting designer Axel Morgenthaler is the first of a long series to come in the Quartier Latin, the eastern reach of the Quartier des spectacles.

Working from an original graphic sketch by Intégral Ruedi Baur and Intégral Jean Beaudoin, Axel Morgenthaler designed a plan in which a succession of giant letters underlie and reveal the architectural framework of the building.

Forming the word "cinema", these 48-inch-high letters are lit up by green electroluminescent diodes (OELD). They inhabit the two bay windows on the corner of Saint-Denis and de Maisonneuve.

The signature lighting piece of the Quartier des spectacles (the red dots) will soon complete this installation while showcasing the CinéRobothèque as an important part of this cultural network.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards