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Art and design according to Scott Burnham

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Scott Burnham, the creative director of the next Biennale de Montréal, will present his work at the December 4 Journée-conférences Grafika, an event dedicated to the exploration of design trends.

Well known in many European, North American and Chinese cities, Scott Burnham's work incorporates design, contemporary culture and the stimulation of creativity.

Former creative director of the Urbis Centre for Urban Culture in Manchester, he has directed many projects of international scale, including "Ill Communication," one of the most important European biennials dedicated to street art; "Super City," a multidisciplinary collaboration with architect Will Alsop that set out to rethink the future of the urban environment and "Urban Oasis," a collaboration with the Berlin office for Subversive Architecture.

Scott Burnham is now working on many international projects with Droog Design, the benchmark of Dutch design, and the Premsela Foundation in Amsterdam. Urban Play, designed as a catalyst for creativity in public spaces, is one project that will be launched in 2008.

With small-scale interventions, like the series of stickers that transformed the north line of the London Underground into an interactive game, and more important projects like the one that converted chain-link fences in Chicago into public billboards, Urban Play is positioning itself outside the traditional notion of public space.

To take part in this exceptional presentation, which will also feature the famous New York illustrator Stefan Sagmeister, register by clicking here.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards