La référence des professionnels
des communications et du design

Better than Paris!

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A bike and distribution station with a practical and distinctive design is what Stationnement de Montréal is seeking while planning for a soon-to-be installed free-service bike system. Industrial designers have until November 23 to submit their proposals.

The mandate consists of designing the ensemble of the bike station's components, producing the 3D drawings and assuring the production of the prototype within the timeframe.

Those interested in this project must procure the call for proposals document, which contains all specifications, at the Stationnement de Montréal office at 704 Saint-Jacques.

Thankfully, Stationnement de Montréal is not looking to use an existing system. Like Paris, it is seeking to profit from the talent of a creative designer. The Parisian Velib, which received many design awards, was created by Patrick Jouin, a multidisciplinary designer more known for his design of gourmet restaurants than everyday objects.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards