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In sport, the setting counts too

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It's a rare occasion when a gym makes design count too; that's why Locoshop Angus' beautiful industrial space, where Locomotion has installed its equipment and training rooms, deserves the spotlight this week.

Considering the inherent constraints of the building and their limited budget, interior designer Alain Desgagné and architect François Beaulieu have succeeded in creating a coherent and well organized space that consists of a series of boxes that help divide the area according to function.

Grey and white dominate, leaving lots of space for the colours worn by those training and the building's steel structure, which carries traces of its past.

Profiting from its height, a mezzanine creates more room for services while its accompanying staircase stands out against the big wooden wall that originates in the reception area.

The simplicity of this space is also a reflection of the spirit of the gym: There is no putting on airs here. This is an approach to health that is both efficient and friendly.

Studio Locomotion
2600 William-Tremblay, room 133

Translation by Jennifer Edwards