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A lighting plan that knows success

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Just as the design plan for the Quartier des spectacles was unveiled, the signature lighting installation of the area received a prestigious prize at the International Illumination Design 2007 contest.

Axel Morgenthaler, light designer and creator of the lighting installation, was given an award of excellence in the Energy and Enviromental Design category for "quality lighting installations that incorporate advanced energy-saving strategies and environmentally responsible solutions into the overall design as well as outstanding lighting design." It's the first time that a Montréal project has been honoured by this contest organized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

These famous spots of light were inspired by the creative vision of Ruedi Baur and Jean Beaudoin from Intégral who established, following a 2005 contest, a visual identity program for the area. Although the intention to pursue the lighting plan is part of the proposal that will be presented to the public by Clément Demers (Quartier international), head of the Quartier des spectacles urban planning, the implementation of this signature visual does not figure in the dossier.

The Programme particulier d'urbanisme (PPU), which will be rendered public a few days after Rendez-vous 2007 - Montréal, cultural metropolis, was authored by the firm Daoust Lestage.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards