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A how-to for architecture contests

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The contest committee members of the Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ) have just unveiled their new contest guide. Many improvements have been made so as to render the process more transparent and better defined.

For the members of the committee, the contest should be regarded as a high quality method to stimulate demand and put in place trustworthy and stringent rules that will ensure the transparency of the markets whether public or private.

They also mention that it serves to encourage the social and cultural dimension of architecture while bringing visibility and a higher profile to the architectural projects.

In its attempt to better define Québec's contests, the new document identifies two essential points: one, give the professional advisor more responsibility and two, make the "concours d'architecture de l'OAQ" a reserved title, one tied to the adherence of the guide.

It also identifies five indispensable components essential to a successful Québec contest: a professional advisor in a better defined role, a balanced program, a credible budget, a qualified jury that is as transparent as it is thorough and a well-informed client.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards