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A healthy chain

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Liquid Nutrition, the little chain that is popping up near sporting centres, is sowing its seed all over the city with its health supplement stores that feature a décor that blends the natural and the modern.

Located on Bishop, the flagship store provided the tone for the others. (The company hopes to open about 50 stores in Montréal, Toronto and Ottawa.) Based on the image of Liquid Nutrition products, which were in production before the stores, the interior design prominently plays on the leaf of the lemon tree, the brand's emblem.

The designers from Optima design chose an environment that is as energetic as it is serene and as dynamic as it is calm. It's one that lends itself well to future product displays without losing its authenticity. To achieve this, modular furniture was designed that could adapt to various configurations. Through its pine floor and white lacquered armoires, brick wall and contemporary lighting, the ambiance alternates between pure modernity and chilled bohemia.

Liquid Nutrition
2019 Bishop

Translation by Jennifer Edwards