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La Canadienne settles in on Laurier

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Those who know Outremont will also know this little building, which, for the longest time, sheltered a home décor shop, and is today  home to La Canadienne, the Québécois shoe manufacturer's very first store and exhibition space.

The entrance has been entirely revamped thanks to a new terrace made of limestone. This light grey stone is also incorporated into store front, which characterizes itself by putting the spotlight on its staircase.

The store has no true display windows, but it profits from an immense windowed surface, which covers the two public floors. On the ground floor, the store is furnished in residential style with open armoires that present the model shoes, lounge chairs, and even a corner café for coffee lovers. On the first floor, a vast loft created to receive buyers looks out onto a very pretty enclosed terrace all decked out in wood.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards