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A new home address

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Designer Eric De Man works predominantly in the residential sphere; it's an area he knows like the back of his hand, and the subject matter for his newly opened retail and consulting shop.

Accustomed to turn key (some of his clients even leave the tiniest accessories to him), Eric de Man can now, thanks to the opening of his shop on boulevard Saint-Laurent, design and manufacture all the major elements of the home. His focus is principally furniture, which he designs and upholsters according to trend or his clients' wishes.

His store is a bright space that showcases its primary ingredients: wood furniture with simple lines, collections of well-chosen fabrics to dress them up, and efficient and elegant displays.

The emphasis is put on communication with the customer who, from the base selection in the store, can personalize their choice and profit from the designer's experience, which includes the design of many model apartments and spaces for real estate developments.

Some of his neighbours' accessories (the candle store Le comptoir d'ailleurs and the florist Blume) complete the ambiance of this space, one that is contributing to a refreshing and renewed portion of Saint-Laurent.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards