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Sid Lee opts for creative recreation

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Sid Lee offers its creative team a playground in this new studio, the latest addition to the agency's collection of spaces located on the ground floor of a building in the Cité Multimédia.

To access the space, you enter an air chamber, not one that decompresses, but one that energizes. It's a vestibule in vibrant green from floor to ceiling, the sofa included.

The workspace consists of two rows of mini-lofts, the offices themselves, which are simple, windowed spaces that frame a courtyard made up of landscaped furniture. People meet informally either sitting amongst the knolls or, more traditionally, around a long table. The many graphic lamps punctuating the space and the big slate boards hosting chalk-drawn masterpieces reinforce its playful side.

On one of the two sides, a mezzanine allows those who work there to profit from the open space.

Design: Sid Lee and Workshop

Translation by Jennifer Edwards