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The Place d'Armes workshop goes public

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In the context of the "Imaginer la place d'Armes" workshop, which takes place this week, Montrealers are invited to take part in several public events.

In addition to witnessing the progress of the work thanks to the daily presentations at the architecture gallery Monopoli, the public will have the opportunity to meet the designers during lunch time sessions on October 23 and 25.

On October 24, students in design and urban design from the universities of Montréal, Québec à Montréal, McGill and Concordia will present their projects during the "Prenez votre place!" event, which will take place in Pecha Kucha format.

Conceived in Tokyo by the firm Klein Dytham in 2003, Pecha Kucha (a Japanese expression meaning "chit-chat") evenings consist of the presentation of designer's projects or ideas in an atmosphere that is relaxed and conducive to exchange and discussion.

The final presentation of the results of the Unesco urban design workshop will take place on Saturday, October 27 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The three design teams will present their strategies and proposals and a debate with guest experts will close the event.

Monopoli architecture gallery
181 Saint-AntoineOuest

"Prenez votre place!"
evening Wednesday, October 24, 7 pm Parish Hall
Fabrique Notre-Dame, 426 Saint-Sulpice

Translation by Jennifer Edwards