La référence des professionnels
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Retailing from a pro's point of view

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On November 7, Éditions Infopresse will be organizing a day of lectures dedicated to retailing; Jean-Claude Prinz, French interior architect, specializing in business design, will talk about the international trends in this domain.

Why did you become an interior architect specializing in business design?
What pleases me is to put analysis and marketing studies in place that reinforce a global vision. I specialize in the creation of "sites types" and I decided to work with chains because they allow me to articulate my concepts on a much larger scale. There's also another activity that I adore: I teach at several design and business schools. This is what gave me the desire to structure and organize my thinking. I see an enormous amount of stores and I take plenty of photos, so I ended up constructing a commerce typology. It's a huge documentary project. That's why I developed an international network of people who send me photos from the four corners. My database never stops being updated. It evolves at the trends do.

What are the essential qualities in becoming a good business designer?
Well, it's understood that you have to be a born-and-bred consumer. You have to love stores, love buying and be curious. You have to be aware of all that is going on; and the study of subjects is numerous since the average duration of a store is three to five years.

What should you always keep in mind?
You can't forget that you have five senses. Designing a business is about communicating emotion in 3D.

What will be the focus of your lecture on November 7?
I am planning an hour-long worldwide tour with many illustrative photos. I will describe the different themes and styles of business design. These descriptions will be accompanied by analysis that will help usunderstand why and how these trends develop. We will see why, for example, baroque-style stores characterize themselves with gold and red while minimalists go for white and classicists almost always use velvety fabric. We will also tour the world's most original and playful stores like Viktor & Rolf's completely up side down store in Milan.

Jean-Claude Prinz was director and associate of interior architecture and design agency Technes from 1985 to 1990. From 1990 to 1997, he was director of innovation, environmental design at Euro RSCG Design in Havas, one of the first international communications groups in the world.

Since 1998, he has worked for PrinzDesign, an agency he founded. He has led studies on the formation of chains and the grouping of stores with those responsible for distribution. Since 2006, Jean-Claude Prinz has been an independent consultant and advisor to the AKDV agency founded by Jean-Pierre Lefebvre and François Hannebicque. Together, they will be leading projects in France and internationally.

He has also collaborated with big brand names like Monoprix, La Samaritaine, Le Bon Marché, Krys, Nicolas,I ntersport, La Redoute, Jardiland and MarcOrian. To register for this day of lectures, click here.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards