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Is avenue du Parc obese?

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This isn't just another simple project, this is a manifesto for a more well-planned Montréal, one less tentative, one that takes action instead of being content with others calling the shots.

It all started with the demolition of the des Pins interchange. Mario Brodeur, in-the-know architect, well-known and involved in his city, was, from the beginning of the project, a bit of a skeptic. The case by case review of these circulation routes didn't bring, according to him, much more than when they were laid out just a few metres from the ground. Bizarrely, everything concerning this project was thought out in terms of the function of car circulation, when the City politics were going in the opposite sense, wanting to reduce car usage in the downtown. In addition, these huge lanes, even obese (depending on the route, a pedestrian may cross up to 15), inevitably become huge bottlenecks in all directions served.Once the project call was made by the mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal, Helène Fotopoulos, Mario Brodeur profited by the occasion to validate his point by bringing together the expertise of a few friends (architects, academics, consultants, real estate developers).

Together, they mounted the Manifeste Parc.Pins, a proposition to the City in light of future consultations, but also a brillant demonstration of how Montréal can think of itself from an urban, architectural and economic point of view. The authors put together a financial proposal so precise and so clear that one has to ask why the principal wasn't adopted before. They proposed as symbolic entrance to the city a tower, not for gratuitous effect, but because the site lended itself to one and such a construction is necessary in the ecomonic development of Montréal.

The group's site has to be visited in order to understand the intelligence and to hop that this grand vision gets through to the decision makers.

The group is made up of:
Federico Bizzotto, c.a., e.e.e., associé Développement d'Arcy-McGee
Mario Brodeur, architect, heritage consultant
Jacques Des Rochers, Canadian art conservator, Montréal Museum of Fine Arts
Benoît Dupuis, associate architecte, acdf* architecture/urbanisme/intérieur
Maxime Frappier, associate, acdf* architecture/urbanisme/intérieur
Jacques Lachapelle, architect, architecture historian, Université de Montréal

Translation by Jennifer Edwards