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Local kitchen company gathers Steam

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Cuisines Steam, a rare Québécois kitchen design company, has been in Montréal for seven years now. Visit the showroom, located in Little Italy, and you'll discover the work and talent of kitchen designer, Brigitte Boulanger, and her cabinet-maker husband, Jean Côté.

In just a few years, the two have carved themselves a niche in the high-end kitchen market, offering an alternative to the best European manufacturers. Brigitte Boulanger and Jean Côté offer intelligent, ergonomic designs, solid materials (exotic or local wood) and quality hardware. Their creations mix aestheticism and tactility, character and rigour.

They inspire their clients to think of the kitchen as an integral part of the home and hand it back the essential role it traditionally played in the Québécois home. Models presented in-store are there to serve as inspiration only as each kitchen is unique. All veneers are made to measure (there's a large choice of materials and colours) and design solutions (mostly cabinets and counters) are flexible so as to offer a wide portfolio of products and services.

Brigitte Boulanger was the recipient of the Award of Excellence in the "Residential Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets" category at Sidim 2002.

Cuisines Steam
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Translation by Jennifer Edwards