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A new space for Orangetango

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A blank backdrop that is far from bleak, and multifunctional, dynamic rooms are exactly what befit a creative and colourful agency like Orangetango.

The thinking behind this new look created by Bosses Design was not to have everything in full sight, but to give the graphics studio employees practical work spaces spaced out along a metal structure that separates the office in two and streamlines circulation.

This spinal cord serves as a filter of sorts: It allows for dissemination and creation and various usages of the space. On one side, it's a blackboard ready to host images and words; on the other, it's a bunch of compartments with diverse functions, including storage space of varied sizes.

Follow this track and you'll be led to the conference room and to the kitchen-bistro and dining room, which benefit from plenty of natural light. It's a place of repose and sharing, but when required, it can also double as a workspace. Whether transformed into a photo studio or small workshop, the back of the kitchen is always bustling.

The raw materials (some are recycled), the neutral colours and the natural simplicity all emphasize that the most important thing here is the work that this space surrounds.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards