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Supermarché Avril: bio goes bold

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This isn't your run-of-the-mill supermarket. First of all, there are the contents ? only natural products ? but there's also the way they're arranged according to a method that challenges the usual norms of food display.

Avril has to speak truthfully to its clients. The architects and designers have therefore incorporated this authenticity and accountability ? found also in their products ? into the design.

There's nothing false here. The décor, materials and the lighting are as natural as possible, and sightlines are clear of any promotional items. Only a few giant photos featuring the supermarket's suppliers and producers hang on the walls.

The centre of the store is a boutique in itself. It regroups a selection of must-try gourmet products on lovely little islands, a nice change from the typical, interminably aligned shelving.

This zone can be easily located thanks to its furnishings and suspended wooden ceiling. Around this are more classic zones with produce displays and refrigerators, which have been grouped together in order to facilitate heat recovery.

It's a concept that deserves to become the model in this domain and the prototype for the future.

Design: Ædifica

1185 Chemin du tremblay, Longueuil
(450) 448 5515

Translation by Jennifer Edwards