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A star shines on the Plaza

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All the classic elements of a French brasserie with a side of thirties New York can be found, albeit reinterpreted, at L'Étoile.

Take the train-station-like wooden banquettes, the tiling behind the bar, the retro menu board and the bare-bulb light fixtures? Except for the murals by Carlito Dalceggio that bring a mischievous touch to the decor, it's as though this place has been here a very long time.

Only the address on Saint-Hubert street indicates that it really is new. Actually, its location on this forgotten street, rechristened ?Plaza? in the early sixties and defined by its famous glass awnings built in 1984, is the most audacious thing about this restaurant.

Well-being and warmth ? both featured on the menu and in spirit ? make this pub a spot for everyone, those from the hood and those who, intrigued, will step off the beaten path to check it out.

Design: Jean-Pierre Viau

6230 St Hubert, Montreal

Translation by Jennifer Edwards