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Alfred Dallaire Memoria: sensitive and thoughtful design

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The final note of interior design should be one that makes us feel good, or at least better, even in the most difficult times.

Situated in a 1950's building, the Alfred Dallaire Memoria funeral home was entirely revamped according to these simple principles: natural light, modernity and hospitality.

After passing through the large glass door and going up a  few stairs, the visitor is welcomed by a reception desk that, at first glance, could be at home in a boutique hotel. The ambiance is luminous: cut stone and white walls frame made-to-measure furniture in brushed steel, a vast library, and a few beautiful chairs.

Despite the austerity of this space, where we can feel the designer's imprint, the sobriety is lightened by a few welcome touches, like the immense wooden doors and the artwork. In the actual salons, there is hardly a trace of the rooms' main function. They simply make you feel good with their modern and comfortable furniture such as big settees, Le Corbusier sofas, a grand piano and a sound and video projection system.

In one of the rooms, the eye is treated to a huge blue painting by Guido Molinari.

Design: Jacques Bilodeau

1111, av. Laurier West, Montreal
(514) 277 7778

Translation by Jennifer Edwards