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In order to start ushering in visitors, the Michel Jodoin cidery recently renovated, opting for a contemporary feel that incorporates the history of the building.

Design firm Champigny Raymond joined the cider mill in a renovation that went way beyond simple touch-ups. Already, their logo had been revamped thanks to communications agency Réservoir. Then, when it came time to renovate the space itself, the designers decided to really push the envelope.

In the stock room, they carved out a space that functions as both a store and a place to share information about the company. Since the cider mill would be welcoming group after group, circulation had to function much like a museum tour.

Their concept begins with the bottle cases, an essential element of the décor that sets the tone with its playful graphics, which also figure into various murals. These mounted cases, positioned on wheeled carts, form small islands and serve as prime display.

By dressing up the high walls with huge photo reproductions from the family archives, the cider mill's history is told in both words and pictures.

The arched cellar doors have disappeared and some have been filled in with bottles piled high. A mezzanine that groups together administrative offices and a new laboratory reinforces contact between the company and the public.

Finally, the façade of the building has also been totally restored. Its vibrant red walls shelter a covered patio that serves both as a resting spot or as a waiting area on busy summer days.

Michel Jodoin Cidery
1130 Petite Caroline, Rougemont
(450) 469 2676

Translation by Jennifer Edwards