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The mysteries of Vauvert

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How do you replace the defunct Cube restaurant without referring to it or comparing with it? By creating Vauvert, a restaurant with its own unique and engaging atmosphere.

With its masculine leanings, this space emits a sexy ambiance that contrasts nature and urbanity in sometimes startling ways. Take its blackness, made all the more jarring when set against the calm and soft tones of the Saint-Paul Hotel entrance. A bare tree trunk guards the entry and alludes to the story to come.

It speaks of hunting, of the woods and of those men who, as the legend of the bewitched canoe would have it, made a deal with the devil. Visitors will read into it what they wish: the fires of hell that take shape in the form of a long chimney echoing the one in the hotel lobby, the hedonism in the columns dressed in latex, the stars in the constellation of light bulbs that hang from the ceiling where black panels create an uneven surface.

The back of the restaurant features a large mirror in which your gaze and your surroundings intermingle. And there's an immense bar made out of an impressive cut of a tree trunk that runs the length of the windowed side of the space, allowing patrons a clear view of the street.

Simple furniture completes the décor, including the beautifully upholstered, not-too-deep banquettes perfectly positioned to the tables. Finally, a separate entrance from the hotel leading right onto the street, allows adventurers to immerse themselves even faster into this restaurant's enchantingly diabolical ambiance.

Design: Jean-Guy Chabauty from Moderno

355 McGill, Montreal
(514) 876 9874

Translation by Jennifer Edwards