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The tablecloth reaches new heights at Quattro D

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Just a few steps away from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Quattro D is half way between corner store and café.

Double duty doesn't hamper it from having a well-defined identity though, one that reflects both freshness and speed. Even before setting foot in the space, the decorative rather than promotional storefront amuses with its giant embroidery motif. The theme continues inside with patterns covering the ceiling like a gigantic tablecloth that has wrapped itself around the space with its edges falling just above the refrigerator showcases.

This traditional Italian embroidery is made completely urban, evoking graffiti just as much as needlepoint. A large table mounted on trestle legs winds it way through the middle of the space, clearing a path that leads the way to the service counter. The completely open refrigerators located on each side display the colour and design of the food items inside.

Well-conceived and well-executed, this spot is completely efficient without being pretentious or the least bit boring.

Design: Nature Humaine Architecture et Design
Graphic design: Studio Feed
Visual identity: Pastille rose

Quattro D
1246 St Denis, Montreal
(514) 285 0004

Translation by Jennifer Edwards