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The Revolution Lounge shakes up Las Vegas

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It's the Las Vegas Beatles revolution! First, Cirque du Soleil put together a show featuring the most celebrated band in the world, then the Mirage Hotel built an immense lounge with a flurry of graphic and interactive effects in its honour.

The space is divided in two: first, there's the Abbey Road Bar, which is heralded by a wall of illuminated words that leads to giant, 10-foot-tall letters that form the word "revolution". Next is the club itself, which evokes the psychedelic side of the Fab Four due to a multitude of effects.

The periphery of the space is enclosed by a steel shell that serves as a continuous wall. In the centre, a column of brushed steel projects thousands of bursts of light thanks to tiny hanging glass tiles.

Seven tables offer a unique interactive experience: draw on the surface of the table and your artwork will be projected onto the centre column. In back of the bar, a 62 foot wall comes to life in various, multi-disciplined ways: design, lighting, video and LED screens.

Design: Humadesign, Moment Factory, Le bureau officiel.

Translation by Jennifer Edwards