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Eat Art In Full Expansion

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Dishes become a work of art, and this art is truly delectable: focus on a movement that is gaining weight. 

Next to the kitchen designed by Matali Crasset, the Parisian gallery Fraich'attitude is showing the work of culinary designer Caroline Sébilleau and her enormous food-related still-lifes. At the Mac/Val, the museum in Vitry-sur-Seine, culinary films are a permanent feature for the public. Elsewhere, Thierry Marx, molecular cuisine specialist at Cordeillan-Bages, is showing his work with physicist Jérôme Bibette in a new experimental location in Paris aptly called "Laboratoire." Until the end of August, the Nespresso shop along the Champs Élysées is featuring designer projects such as Liqueur Crystals, stunning balls of sugar crystals made to look like precious stones and containing liquors that are released in your coffee.

More than ever, food and art are melding into a common art form. Admittedly, it is not a new phenomenon, since many artists, from Arcimboldo to Palissy to Andy Warhol, drew their inspiration from foodstuffs or used them as materials. Today, "Arty" feasts have come a long way and they are no longer associated with only a few aesthetes, but have become accessible to all, thanks to caterers and great chefs who create more than the simple country fare and who design items of visual nourishment.

Among caterers, Raynier Marchetti, and his cosmic collection Popfood, is perhaps the most artistic of all. As for sweets, the chocolate-sesame bubble by Sébastien Gaudard, the taste bud experience from Délicabar at Bon Marché, and the chocolate-filled Soloist tubes from Richart all leave us in awe. In mid-September, the Café de la Paix serves its "black sunglasses," a chocolate-mint dessert in homage to glamorous Hollywood artists who sport Ray Bans, created by Boclet, the artistic director of Emmanuel Ungaro Homme. The graduating class at the Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Goût worked on various artistic themes: a decorative-gourmet merry-go-round for the Plaza Athénée hotel and a Hansel & Gretel theme in the gastronomy sector.

The "Cuisines en fête" event, September 26-28 with spokesperson Guy Martin, is creating a buzz. An event that welcomes all aficionados who wish to share their talents, and open to foods from around the world, it may be the opportunity for each participant to become an epicurean artist as well. If "Eat Art" is already well established, another art form linked to food artistry is filtering its way in: the "gourmérotique" (erotic epicure) teases us with suggestive items (spoons sporting whip lashes, éclairs that are to be eaten from both ends for a sensual mouth-to-mouth) created by Philippe Di Méo. 

Article taken from the Influencia website, a division of Éditions Infopresse.