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A Design Back-to-School

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The Centre de design at UQAM has just announced its 2008-2009 programme.

- Exister contre les faits; architecture, fiction, photography. 
September 11 -October 12
The first back-to-school exhibition will combine two series of photographic artwork: one from Flemish photographer Filip Dujardin, whose work is regularly published in magazines on contemporary architecture, and the other from Canadian photographer Arni Haraldsson, a professor at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver. Both artists use photography as a means to express fiction, construction and utopia in architecture, while exploring the boundaries and possibilities of the photographic image. Alongside this exhibition will be a showing of the research and creative work of Céline Poisson, professor at the School of Design at UQAM, who presents her reflections on the links between architectural construction and literary fiction. 

- The Street Belongs to All of Us! 
October 23 - December 14 
This exhibit, produced by the Institut pour la ville en mouvement (City on the Move)/PSA Peugeot Citroën in Paris, goes on a street exploration across the five continents through audiovisual presentations, illustrations, architectural and urban projects as well as some one hundred photographs published by major international press agencies.

- Paris - Design en mutation
January 15 - March 1
As part of the Montreal Highlights Festival, this exhibition will be created by Michel Bouisson of Via (Valorisation de l'innovation en ameublement). It will showcase the work of 10 designers or collectives that represent the new generation of Parisian design. It will also feature the major institutional players (schools, promotional agencies, exhibition halls, etc.) who provided them with training and exposure.

1440 Sanguinet
Wednesdays to Sundays, noon - 6 pm
Free admission