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One Location, One Theme... Many Possibilities

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Prior to this fall's opening of its WorkShop studio and its permanent exhibition hall, Moodroom took advantage of its participation at the Sidim to introduce its concept to Montrealers.

Divided in two, one side of the Moodroom booth featured Isi, the name brand of Italian ceramist Rosaria Rattin, while the other side showcased a "Mood" space, more precisely a variety of name brands united under a common theme. Gathered here were fabrics from French manufacturer Olivier Thévenon, clay vases and bowls from Rina Menardi, felt objects by Muskhane from Nepal, and Moroccan coloured candles from Comptoir d'Ailleurs.

Located in a recycled industrial building along the Lachine Canal, the WorkShop studio covers over 3000 square feet and will be used for staging "Moods" installations. During regularly scheduled vernissages, clients will be given a preview of the chosen items before they go on display in the permanent exhibition hall on Rue St-Paul.