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Montreal and Quebec Unite for the 400th

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For its 400th anniversary, the City of Montreal has given Quebec City a work of public art entitled "Rêver le nouveau monde," which consists of 44 chairs made of stainless steel.

Set up in the south-east section of the Place de la Gare, near the historical borough of Old Quebec, the "poem chairs" by Michel Goulet were selected from a contest held last summer for Montreal artists. Chairs are a recurring element in Michel Goulet's sculptures and are therefore not only his signature item but they also represent "a living piece of art whose subject and material are the people and their dialogues, their presence and absence, their commitments and their hopes."

The Chaise-Maison and the Chaise-Monde, placed in the foreground of the installation, greet passers-by as they arrive from the train station. The Chaise-Montréal and the Chaise-Québec bear a carving of the St. Lawrence River on the seat, the link that unites the two cities. The remaining 40 chairs, placed two-by-two in every configuration possible, bear inscriptions of 40 excerpts from texts written by as many poets from the day the city was founded right up to today.