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Momentary Monuments, Part 3

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After Berlin in 2005 and Milan in 2006, the trio of German architects Kuehn Malvezzi and artist Michael Riedel are presenting their Momentary Monuments installation at the Yellow Fish Art gallery in Montreal.

Wilfried Kuehn, Joannes Kuehn and Simona Malvezzi regularly design exhibitions for large contemporary art fairs in Germany, such as Documenta 11, as well as for a few of the major German and Austrian museums. Together with Michael Riedel, they worked on the installation of an exhibition that featured their most recent works.

For this exhibit, the Yellow Fish Art gallery has been transformed into a "spatial event" that brings into question the themes of presentation and representation, where Michael Riedel utilised duplication and imitation to highlight the architects' creations. Two catalogues, one designed by the architects and the other by the artist, complete the exhibition.

Until August 1st
3684 Saint-Laurent