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In-House Design

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The team at Ekorce, a graphic design and advertising agency, has recently ventured into interior design with the task of setting up their new offices, located in the Cité Multimédia district. This small company could not afford professional help and so decided to set aside its graphic design talents to create a space dedicated as much to work as to relaxation.

The wood floors and ceilings in this former industrial building were both preserved. The work space and the adjoining rest area, where the ubiquitous foosball table occupies centre stage, were separated by apple-green wall panels that direct the flow of traffic. "We wanted a space that is friendly and open, which is conducive to a free flow of ideas," explained Karl-Frédérique Anctil, a company partner and its creative director.

Facing the long wood-and-black-veneer counter, a white wall acts as a blank canvas onto which the agency's designers can project their creative inspirations. Presently displayed here are wires wrapped around nails, representing a deviation from Ekorce's visual identity.