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Nice and New

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To mark the ICFF show (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), held this past May in New York, the Montreal company Periphere has launched its new website along with five new creations: a bench, two tables, an pouf and a day bed.

These pieces break away from the familiar rococo, ornamental and cubic styles that are characteristic of Periphere's furniture over the last few years. My and Thien Ta Trung used new materials and new shapes to develop this collection, which they consider to be a compilation of suggestions or a mini experimental laboratory.

The Canyon bench is made of moulded fibre glass; the Ray occasional table consists of 72 equal-sized concrete ridges; the Axes' asymmetrical tabletop is entirely hand-made from nine panels of solid walnut; the Sway day bed seems to be floating above its frame; and, finally, the Poeuf pouf, created in collaboration with LoooLo, is made with 100% organic cotton.