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Reflections of a Friendship

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By the end of the 1920s, a strong friendship had developed between the architect Gio Ponti and the CEO of Maison Christofle; today, the French silversmiths are re-issuing these magnificent items that derived from this association.

In 1927, Gio Ponti designed the "Ange Volant" (flying angel) estate for Tony Bouilhet, heir to and CEO of Maison Christofle. This was followed by an initial collection of silver items created by the architect and introduced at the Venice Biennale in 1929.

The "Flèche" (arrow) candlestick would become the symbol of this friendship, which lasted until 1978 (one year before the architect's death).

Brigitte Fitoussi, the new artistic director at Maison Christofle, discovered this wonderful heritage consisting mainly of sketches and prototypes. She decided to bring it to life, or give it new life, by issuing 25 of these creations designed by Gio Ponti. Most of these have never been made.

These magnificent works of art, which are remarkably modern in their style, were presented for the first time last April at the Triennale during the Milan furniture show.

They will be sold (some in a limited series) at Christofle boutiques. The Christofle Pavilion in Montreal is located in Ogilvy's.