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Appealing and Appetizing

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This month, Index-Design explores the narrow links that combine design with the restaurant business; on the menu, a feature on an architect and a look at the international trends in the business.

Further to a previous article that explored the various correlations between design and the restaurant business, the team at the electronic magazine drew a portrait of Montreal architect Henri Cleinge, and also wrote features on the international trends known as super-specialized stores and the mutation of fast-food restaurants.

Le Réservoir, Itsi-Bitsi and Les Chocolats de Chloé are all Henri Cleinge's work. Another common link among these three locations is their small size, but full of "spirit" nonetheless. Alain Hochereau wrote: "Rather than cover it through the use of design 'artefacts,' Henri Cleinge works, on the contrary, to reveal what composes the space."

The super-specialization trend is popping up more and more. One example that stands out, and Montreal is no exception with stores like Les Petits Gâteaux and Cho'cola Bake Shop, is "cupcakemania." These pastel-coloured stores, often with a retro décor, are sprouting up around the world.

Fast-food restaurants have undergone a true transformation: whether screaming colours or stark white, large inviting tables or cocoon spaces, one thing is certain: fast-food restaurants are changing their image, from Hong Kong to France to Montreal.

And finally, in the GreenDesign section, the "recycling tradition" found at Les Enfants Terribles, a new restaurant on Bernard Ave in Montreal, is analysed and deciphered.

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