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Sporty and Neat

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Taloma is a new sports clothing boutique located on Monkland Avenue, with a yellow sign that is hard to miss.

The store sits on a street corner and is in a half-basement. In this case, instead of being an inconvenience, it has become an asset for creating an interior that is neat, warm and modern all at once. The designers at Blazysgérard even decided to do without most of the meagre windows in order to concentrate on the store's interior and create a flowing environment where wood is the predominant feature. 

The ceiling, floor and part of the walls are dressed in light-coloured wood, creating a contrast and modern look with the lustrous white of the large counter and the podium-style display piece. As functional as it is delineated, this piece of furniture controls circulation within the store while eliminating the need for disparate elements. For example, a bench is incorporated into the counter (with the same yellow as the sign), where customers can sit down while trying on shoes, and a pivoting mirror stands at one end of the podium to create various reflections while serving its main purpose. 

Taloma is proof that it is not necessary to be located downtown and spend a fortune to create a commercial environment that is effective and attractive.

6052 Monkland