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It's back to values that are true and from the earth with a few offerings inspired by rural life.

The Job studio welcomed the public to a new-style farm with simple and rustic furniture complemented with a wide array of country accessories: pitch forks, buckets, milk pails, oil lamps and rubber boots that have been gilded anew, both literally and figuratively.   

Tord Boontje, the most magical of today's designers, created a collection called Witches' Kitchen for Artecnica. It is a series of pots and wooden utensils that seem to belong in a witch's kitchen deep in the woods. More realistically, the items were made by craftsmen from different countries and who are associated with Artecnica's Design With Conscience environmental project.

Finally, Moooi presented the collection of Vaetwerk tableware by designer Maaike Roozenburg, a set of truly rustic, almost prehistoric pieces.