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The Spanish Front

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This year, Spain has taken great measures to promote its design. Government authorities and commercial bodies have jointly organized panoramic exhibitions of Spanish creativity. Alongside institutional exhibits, such as Playtime presented at the Nhow hotel, and the one by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce at the Superstudio, big names such as Nanimarquina, Barcelona Design and Camper have united in sharing a large space.

In the wake of Jaime Hayon, the darling of Spanish design and its best representative at the moment, new names are surfacing, but also old ones that we had not heard from these last few years. Uno, a company from Valencia, gathered a few of the best Spanish creators for the first-time presentation of a collection in Milan, headed by Javier Mariscal (who is also in charge of the artistic direction of the company) and with Fernando Salas, El Ultimo Gritto, etc.