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Window Dresser

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For the past 20 years Storespec, specialist in window dressing, has been providing designers and decorators with advice and every bit of equipment needed to control natural lighting.

Founded by Ronald Riley, the company is a relay between furnishing manufacturers and professionals, and provides the complete range of technical support. It is a distributor of imported brands, manufactures its own products and specialises in "retro-fit" by taking textiles and materials chosen by its customers and adapting them to existing mechanisms.

Half of Storespec's projects involve residential furnishing, while the other half coomprises commercial and office spaces.

Ronald Riley says that, over the past 20 years, the biggest change in the field of mechanisms is the almost total elimination of noise creation. Cloths are also more functional, fibreglass solar fabrics are finer, more resistant and attractive.

Sun sensors can set off systems or radio-wave remote controls that easily pass through concrete walls, eliminating the need to point towards a window to activate the motor.

As for colours, today's trends are the neutral tones, greys, blacks and whites.

Among the new products is the 2600 gliding panel system from Silent Gliss, a Belgian company, which can be adapted to various configurations: the large panels can hang completely flat, half-folded or entirely folded at the windows' edges.