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Nouvel's Year

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It was bound to be his turn one day, and now Jean Nouvel has received the Pritzker Prize, the ultimate reward conferred yearly on an architect.

Jean Nouvel, 62, has designed and built more than 200 projects throughout the world, all unique and different, whose architecture is inspired by the history and culture of its location.

Among his most famous achievements are the Institut du monde arabe (1987) and the Fondation Cartier (1994), both in Paris, as well as the Lucerne cultural and convention centre (2000) in Switzerland; more recently are the Agbar tower (2005) in Barcelona, the Guthrie Theater (2006) in Minneapolis and the Quai Branly museum (2006) in Paris.

The prize, along with a $100,000 grant, will be awarded June 2nd in Washington. The Pritzker, awarded annually to a living architect, was created in 1979 by the Pritzker family and the Hyatt Foundation.