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New Ideas for the Olympic Park

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This past February, twenty-six students in urban planning at the UQAM and the University of Montreal were divided into five teams, to take part in a discussion on urban reflections regarding the site of the Olympic Park. This was organised by the association of students in urban planning (AGEUR) at the UQAM.

The proposed interventions focused on linking the existing infrastructures to the surrounding urban fabric and thereby incorporating them into the neighbourhood's activities. The students also had to consider such features for the site as a new planetarium, the creation of public areas that would accentuate the recreational and touristic character of the site, as well as improved access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Jury members selected the "Parcours rythmé" presented by the team of Marc-André Maheu (UQAM), Stéphanie Jolicoeur (UQAM), Brigitte Lavallée (UofM), Philippe Cossette (UQAM) and Maude Barabé (UofM). 

The "Parcours rythmé" was designed as follows: "The infrastructures will be linked together by a path that unites the various attractions on the site. A light and texture display will set the pace for the entire visit. Priority is given to pedestrians who will not be inconvenienced by vehicles or by the scale of the surrounding buildings. Throughout the creation of this pathway, particular consideration was given to certain clienteles. For example, there will be facilities where children and families can eat and play. Also, universal accessibility principles were integrated to accommodate people with limited mobility. Lastly, the placement of the new planetarium at the northern end will consolidate the various attractions along the path and extend the range of activities on the site".