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Marimekko's Big Comeback

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Scandinavian design enthusiasts are well-acquainted with Marimekko, the cult textile brand founded in 1951 in Finland that became extremely popular in the 60s with its graphic and colourful patterns.

Since the mid-90s, the brand has experienced a resurgence thanks to new management and to consumers' newfound interest in designs from the 60s and 70s. 

Today, the company has greatly diversified its activities by calling on new designers, creating new product lines and joining forces with other brands.

Therefore, we have Fatboys covered with Marimekko, designer Manolo Blahnik has chosen certain patterns for his spring 2008 shoe line, and ready-to-wear Swedish giant H&M will soon be distributing a Marimekko line in some of its stores. The H&M design team delved into the Marimekko archives to create a line of 50 items for men and women.

The clothing line will be sold in Quebec as of April 10th at the Montreal Rockland store as well as the store on Laurier Boulevard in the City of Québec.