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Green and Intelligent

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The Énóvo home, an example of ecological and intelligent modular design created in Quebec, is the star of the National Home Show held at Place Bonaventure until March 23rd.

Comprising mass-produced prefabricated modules of 720 square feet, which are built in a Valleyfield factory, the house is equipped with an intuitive home automation system that controls the lighting, sound and temperature, plus the security system.

Designers Karl Montgrain, president of IME Insulation, and Pierre Leclerc, architect with Lemay associés, have utilized materials that leave a small ecological footprint, such as concrete, birch and non-toxic MDF panels (medium-density fibreboard).

They have also designed a green roof that insulates as well as cools down, a rainwater and grey water recovery system, radiant-heat flooring that stores thermal energy and huge panoramic windows to optimise the use of solar energy.

Thanks to its ready-to-assemble modular structures, the Énóvo home (which means "your home" in the Cheyenne language, reflecting the Amerindian peoples' respect for nature) not only blends in with its environment without damage, but it also adapts to the lifestyle and evolution of its inhabitants.

The interior design of the house featured at the Home Show is from Materia Design.