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A Two-in-One Locale

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Discover a setting in two-part harmony at the Phillips Lounge, a new bar located in Montreal's downtown area; it is chic, but not overdone, with a mixture of classicism and enduring modernism.

Some of you might remember the kilt and tartan store that was once housed here, a business with a slowly disappearing clientele. The space was taken over by a local, Claude Foussard, who owns the well-established Restaurant Julien on the next street, and who is setting up a summer terrace between the two buildings.

The shared area inspired him to develop this vacant space and create a bar that would satisfy the various tastes of a clientele that is searching for an atmosphere like this downtown.

In order to spruce up the rather shabby interior of this historic building and bring back some of its character, he called upon the architects at Foti-Drouin. While preserving its architectural features, they created a friendly and elegant space without going flashy.

The first area is entirely white and furnished with long, high tables where customers can gather around in a friendly, community-like setting. It is a lively atmosphere decorated with touches of red, bringing vitality to a space whose focal point is a long illuminated bar.  

But once you cross through the small old door that separates the two almost-symmetrical spaces, the atmosphere changes: calmer, more sophisticated, and more subdued with its walls painted grey. The magnificent mouldings are much more noticeable here and two fireplaces have been installed. 

However, the ubiquitous works of art in both spaces are what really attract the eye. Contrary to what is too often featured in this type of establishment, they are not insipid or purely decorative. These are distinctive, contemporary paintings chosen by the art expert Robert Poulin. 

Phillips Lounge
1184 Phillips Square