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In France, Japan and Sweden, Olivier Saguez is known for his airports and hotels, as well as for the multitude of large signs or major brands whose images have been entrusted to him (Peugeot, Galeries Lafayette, Tour de France, etc.); throughout his works, colour has always been the common thread.

In 1998, further to his beginnings at Raymond Loewy and then 10 years with the BBDO Group, Olivier Saguez founded Saguez & Partners, a consulting agency specialized in branding that has quickly become the European leader. In 2003, the group, with its five subsidiaries, moved into an old factory in St-Ouen, in the industrial section of Northern Paris. To reflect the abundance of talent on site, it was renamed the Design Manufacture. The facilities include an employee dining area and a sports hall, as well as a lab for homemade techniques and creations.

In late December, Olivier Saguez published a book in which he shares his deep passion and hunger for colours with the public. "Marques et couleurs" was the opportunity for Créativité Montréal to meet with him in his office, at the Manufacture. The meeting was what one would expect from this great name of French design: captivating, inspiring, eloquent and frank. Furthermore, we were told a little secret that inevitably affects us here: Canada and Montreal are of interest to him and are on his list of discoveries for 2008...

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