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Architecture and Design at Fifa

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This year, for the 26th edition of FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art), the program includes even more documentaries on architecture and design.

March 7
Tours d'aujourd'hui et de demain
Overview of these buildings, from Shanghai to New York, by way of Dubai, Hong Kong and Paris.
7 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

March 8
Architectures: les enjeux d'une collection
Initiated by French-German television channel Arte in 1995, the "Architectures" collection is composed of monographs of classical, modern or contemporary buildings. The screening of two films from the series, Les thermes de pierre and La chocolaterie Meunier, will be followed by a presentation by producer Luciano Rigolini and filmmaker Stan Neumann.
4:30 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

Great expectations: a journey through the history of visionary architecture
A panorama of several great architectural visions: Habitat 67 by Moshe Safdie; the functionalist cities by Le Corbusier; the world without object by Italian Superstudio; the perfect city dreamed up by Paolo Soleri in the desert, and more.
2 p.m.

March 9
Le Bauhaus de Dessau
("Architectures" Collection)
True manifest of functional architecture, the Bauhaus is one of the most famous buildings of the XXth century.
The making of the new Ica
The new annex of the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, a 62,000-square-foot glass and concrete vessel floating on water.
GMP Architects in conclave
A look back on the 40th anniversary of this German company that works with more than 300 collaborators around the world.
7 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

March 12
Eileen Gray - Invitation to a voyage
A portrait of this architect from Ireland, who was also an interior and furniture designer, a great figure of the XXth century.
The Melkinov House
The house of Russian architect Konstantin Melkinov, erected in the late 20s in the centre of Moscow, is a masterpiece of constructivism.
7 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

March 13
Le vaisseau amiral
Construction of the new wing at Collège Gérald Godin by Saucier + Perrotte Architectes.
7 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

March 14
Le bâtiment Johnson ("Architectures" Collection)
One of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture built in 1936 by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Saving Fallingwater
A look back on the restoration of one of the most beautiful examples of organic architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright.
La Villa Dall'ava ("Architectures" Collection)
An analysis of the various stages of construction of this house designed by Rem Koolhaas in 1991.
7 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture

March 15
La maison de Jean Prouvé ("Architectures" Collection)
Built in a few weeks in the summer of 1953, his house embodies the designs and the freedom of this master architect.
La maison de verre ("Architectures" Collection)
An ultramodern house designed in Paris by architect Pierre Chareau in 1932.
Le walkman
A history of this cult object, launched in June 1979, that opened the way not only to new behaviours but also to a range of everyday miniature nomadic items.
2 p.m.
Canadian Centre for Architecture