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Babiche and Chocolate

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At an advance viewing in Montreal, just before heading for Milan, Montreal collective Samare presents its collection of Awadare furniture at the Commissaires boutique gallery.

The collection was inspired by the native word "awadare", which means "we live in". It blends traditional and contemporary elements in a brand new way, combining steel and babiche, hand braided leather thongs originally used for making snowshoes.

These creations are premiering at the Commissaires, which is paying tribute to the technique by adding creations by eight artists and designers under the theme "babiche nouvelle" (new babiche).

These unique collector's items are signed by Sylvie Laliberté, François Morelli and Guy Pellerin as well as by designers or architects Étienne Hotte, Michel Parent, Rita, Guillaume Sasseville and Mariouche Gagné.

Also for the occasion, chocolate maker Geneviève Grandbois will be offering a special collection available exclusively on site.

5226 St-Laurent
From February 28 to March 8