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In-Room Designs

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For the past five years, Gladstone, which is as much a hotel as an art venue, has presented the Come Up To My Room Exhibition, independently of IDS.

Curators Christina Zeidler and Pamila Matharu select works by Canadian artists and designers to be displayed over two days, in 12 of the hotel's 37 rooms and in the areas leading to them.

More conceptual or decorative than functional, these works are eclectic, poetic or technological, often crossing boundaries between the various disciplines.

Montrealer Jacques Bilodeau displayed one of his sculptured fur lamps as well as a Transformable, a kind of vacuum-packed, malleable sofa.

The Dressler brothers are woodworkers. These almost-giant twins presented a series of feet made of wood found deep in the countryside and destined to be burned.

Dennis Lin displayed decorative installations that fit perfectly into the interior designs of restaurants and hotels.

Patty Johnson, instigator of the North South Project, chose to exhibit among other things the beautiful chair by Mabeo Furniture, which was made in Botswana's capital, Gaborone.

This is Collective invented a trap room, luring in those who were curious enough to approach the eyeholes in the mattress. Each one opened onto a diorama, a scene created from small objects.

Bruno Billio blended cotton thread and lasers to create a delicate installation that you can pinch between your fingertips.

Finally, among the most fascinating objects of the exhibition were Covello Reesor's energy efficient bulbs, which come in intriguing graphic shapes instead of the usual unsightly spiral.