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Indoor Forest

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A microbudget and an equally small time frame were the parameters within which Blazysgérard had to work while renovating Le Tamarin, a small Vietnamese restaurant on Prince-Arthur Street. How do you bring a fresh new look and mostly, a new essence to a space that had no remarkable features? By installing a structure made entirely of pressed wood left in its natural state, a geometric jungle that dresses up, frames and defines the space. Similar to a construction project that has been suspended,  this microarchitecture, with its raw appearance, brings a unique character to the space, a strange yet warm atmosphere that resembles in no way a chalet.

Alongside this box runs a hallway where circulation and service flow easily. Within it the materials bring a sense of comfort and an attraction to the shapes and rhythms within view. The rest of the space was wilfully painted over in white. The tables and chairs (also white) were chosen for their simplicity and modern look.

A single and great idea that while definitely economical, created a strong and uncompromising concept.

Le Tamarin
162 Prince-Arthur East