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New-syle Silver

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Sophisticated, luxurious, valuable, this is Christofle silversmiths' legacy; but it also leans toward the modern with new collections that do not shy away from contemporary styles.

Under the drive of its new artistic director, Brigitte Fitoussi, a former design journalist, the venerable firm explores bold styles without compromising its trademark high quality manufacturing.

Presented as prototypes at the latest Milan Furniture Fair, the Silver Atoms collection, from Richard Hutten of Holland, is now mass-produced and available in all Christofle boutiques. The oddly shaped chandeliers, vases, goblets and table centres are as much an exercise in style as they are a manufacturing challenge.

Another series that emphasizes the company's contemporary aspect: steel flatware by Ora-Ito. The reverse side has perfect curves, while the obverse is perfectly flat. The result is disconcerting and brings a playful twist to table setting, both English and French style.

Moreover, Christofle continues its collaboration with designer Andrée Putman, whose jewellery has greatly contributed to the company's success. Following the principle of the famous twisted rings, she has created vases, platters and candlesticks.

While introducing a more modern line, the logo, website and publicity campaign have also been re-designed to better reflect the company's new spirit.

The Pavillon Christofle in Montreal is located at Ogilvy's.

Translation by Susan Silver