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Block Design

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As Lego blocks celebrate 50 years, Lunatic Construction presented an exhibit at the Maison&Objet show of its Lunablocks, a giant design set based on the same interlocking principle.

Without using the Lego name in their presentation, Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker, who met on film stages, drew the attention of many to their stand. The oversized object, immediately identifiable, comes in various materials and colours (some even light up). People can design their own furniture, whether for the indoors or the outdoors, for a child's room or the living room.

This is not a new idea since we've already seen modular sofas made from Lego blocks, as well as furniture for children. However, what is interesting here is the variety of materials. Using basic and familiar shapes, nestled in everyone's subconscious, these two entrepreneurs want to awaken an ancestral instinct: primitive design!

Translation by Susan Silver