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Between Utopia and Reality

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Four students from the school of architecture at Université Laval have created a model of the city of Québec as they imagine it to be in 100 years; this is part of the Urbanopolis exhibit at the city's Musée de la civilisation.

Combining historical overviews (Mesopotamia in 2000 B.C.) with futuristic utopias (Los Angeles in 2106), this exhibit looks at the challenges that face urban planning.

Curators, including Gianpiero Moretti, professor of architecture at Université Laval, have selected architectural projects, actual or fictitious, to illustrate various themes: environment, overpopulation, energy conservation and transportation.

In a scene designed by Bernard White and Philippe Jean, models, drawings, photographs and video presentations invite visitors to question the reality of contemporary cities, their origins and their fate.

The model of Québec, called "An augmented reality, outline of a futuristic city", was created last fall as part of a competition jointly organised by the school of architecture and the Musée de la civilisation. Seven teams materialized their visions of Québec as it would be in 2108.

The winning project, created by Dominic Demers, Annabelle Ratté, Marie-Christine Savard and Andréanne Tremblay, represents a city in which information and communication technologies bring a new style of urban living, particularly through the creation of new public spaces (display spaces, urban fabric where everything is connected, etc.).

Other models, originating from the "City of the Future" contest organized by the History Channel in the U.S., predict the future of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Musée de la civilisation
85 Dalhousie, Québec
Until April 19, 2009

Translation by Susan Silver